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Eat with The Seasons

Eat with the Seasons to Improve Your Health

Strawberries are like ice cubes. Orange juice is hot. Salad is cold. If these concepts don’t make sense, you’re not alone. That’s because I’m describing the energetic properties of food according to Chinese medicine. Your stomach is geared to prefer warm foods, or foods that can be more easily digested, but in West we don’t […]

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Getting Your Supplements Just Got Easier

Now you can order Standard Process and MediHerb supplements right to your door! If you’re a fan of Standard Process and want to order supplements from the convenience of your own home, you’ll be excited to learn about a new program being offered called Patient Direct. Even better, you’ll have access to the entire Standard […]

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Adaptogen Header

Feel Good Today. How Adaptogenic Herbs Can Help.

If you’re living stress free these days, then you must be superhuman. In my practice I’m seeing an uptick in the number of patient requesting stress relief and mood support. That’s because nearly everyone in the U.S. is at their breaking point. While we can hope that this level of tension does not persist, it’s […]

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