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B Vitamins & Kava for Anxiety

Why We Feel Anxious Anxiety is a natural process experienced by almost every animal on earth. When something threatens our well-being, the stress response takes action and gives us the needed boost to get us out of harm’s way—we call this the “fight or flight” system. Unfortunately, our stress response can become dysfunctional over time […]

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A Natural Cure for Hair, Skin, & Nails

Although I’ve given up on having great hair, my clients care a lot about it. They also want clear skin. So, when asked about how to improve these two things, I always start by working from the inside out. Read on to learn a bit more about my hair and skincare philosophy. Does the Gut […]

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Liver Health: Why it Matters & 3 Herbs to Help

The liver is very important for maintaining our health and wellbeing. As an organ, it’s larger than our brain and responsible for filtering everything that enters our bloodstream.  This critical organ protects us from toxins, secretes the bile we need to break down and absorb our food, recycles our blood cells, regulates blood sugar levels, […]

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