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Tension Headaches (WebMD definition) are the most common type of headache and are often caused by stress and emotional strain.

Migraine Headaches (WebMD definition). Approximately one-third of people who have migraine headaches first began having them as teenagers.

Medications do not solve the underlying cause of headaches. But Acupuncture and Herbs do. That’s because headaches are broken down into several patterns.

Major Causes of Headaches According to Chinese Medicine
  • Liver Energy Imbalance
  • Kidney Energy weakness
  • Spleen and Stomach Imbalances
  • Impaired qi and blood flow to the meridians around the head

What Type of Headache do you have?

Liver Energy Imbalance

Role of the liver:

  • Smooth energy flow through the body
  • Governs menstruation
  • Stores (and cleans) the blood at night

The Liver is easily affected by stress, anger, alcohol, and lack of sleep.

Liver-Type Headaches:

  • Top of head or temples
  • Sharp or dull
  • Worse with strong emotions, especially stress
  • Often occurs around menstruation
  • Kidneys Energy Weakness

Role of the kidney:

  • Energy reserves of the body
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Regulates fluids
  • Governs fertility and conception
  • Reflects inherited traits from parents (DNA)

The kidney is affected by overwork, fear, over-sex, inherited weakness

Kidney-Type Headaches:

  • Empty feeling
  • Back of neck traveling to forehead
  • Better with rest
  • Difficult to treat w/ medications
  • Spleen & Stomach Imbalances
  • Role of the Spleen & Stomach:
  • Day-to-day energy
  • Digestion
  • Extracting the good part from food
  • Moving waste to the Intestines

The Spleen & Stomach are affected by eating too fast, late, or too much; worry, cold food, sweets.

Spleen & Stomach-Type Headaches:

  • Throbbing (may be resolved by eating)
  • Associated with Food Allergies
  • Whole head or behind eyes
  • Worse when tired

We have an extremely high (>90%) success rate treating tension headaches and very high (>70%) success rate treating migraine headaches.

There are many causes of headaches in Chinese Medicine. Listed above are just a few examples. Contact us to see if your type of headache will benefit from acupuncture and herbs.

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