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2013: The Year of The Snake

2013 Year of the Snake Chinese New Year: Feb 10, 2013 – Jan 30, 2014 While I don’t specifically use Chinese Astrology in my practice, I do pay much attention to the 5-Elements and their impact on health and disease. This year’s snake is assigned to the element of water, which gives some special properties to […]

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Your Life Purpose: A Bigger House?

From the Desk of Ted Ray 2013 promises to be another interesting year and, like me, I’m sure you’ve got a number of resolutions on your mind. Since many of our activities are aimed at securing a better future for ourselves, I thought I’d move beyond resolutions and ask a bigger question instead: How would […]

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Pinched Nerves & Neck Pain

What is a pinched nerve? Patients often seek acupuncture care for pain. One of the most common complaints is neck pain, of which there are many different causes. A pinched nerve in the neck may be caused by a small disc protrusion in the cervical spine sitting on or impinging a nerve as it exits […]

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