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vitamin d

Vitamin D: Lifesaver- Part I

Vitamin D is important for a wide range of activities in the human body. Our bones need it to regulate calcium levels, our immune system relies on it to fight cancer, and vitamin D protects our hearts by limiting calcium buildup in the vessels. Despite the name, vitamin D is more hormone than a vitamin. […]

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fruit and sugar

How much fruit is too much?

Pressed juices and smoothies seem to be the new staple of ‘healthy diets’ everywhere, but how much fruit should you really be consuming? In order to understand this issue, it’s helpful to know how fruit sugar, or fructose, works in the body. Fructose, found in fruits and vegetables, is processed by the liver and tends […]

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Feel Better Now with Mindfulness

You’ve probably heard of mindfulness, but may not know much about it. Mindfulness is a type of meditation practice based on Buddhist meditative traditions from over 2,500 years ago. It is the practice of being aware of what is happening in the present moment.  Author Walpola Rahula wrote that “[Mindfulness] is simply observing, watching, examining. […]

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