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neck pain

Pinched Nerves & Neck Pain

What is a pinched nerve? Patients often seek acupuncture care for pain. One of the most common complaints is neck pain, of which there are many different causes. A pinched nerve in the neck may be caused by a small disc protrusion in the cervical spine sitting on or impinging a nerve as it exits […]

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How Cupping Works

Fire Cupping Traditionally, cupping is the process of using fire to extract the oxygen from the inside of a jar or glass vessel. The fire creates a vacuum inside of the vessel and, when placed on the skin, creates strong suction. Skilled practitioners can control the amount of suction created by the intensity of the […]

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rotator cuff shoulder

Acupuncture for Rotator Cuff Injuries

At a recent presentation to a group of physical therapists I was asked about acupuncture’s ability to treat shoulder injuries. Most people want to know if acupuncture just “treats the pain” or actually helps injuries heal. My answer? Both. One common shoulder injury is a “rotator cuff” tear. In anatomy, the rotor cuff is the […]

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