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Chinese Medicine 101: What Your Tongue Says About You

Tongue Diagnosis is one of the tools I use in my practice to assess the health of my patients. Because each organ in your body has a ‘connection’ to the tongue, it’s easy for me to quickly identify problems in a particular organ system. Below is a quick summary of the characteristics I look for and […]

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Winter Cold & Flu Strategies

Sometimes it’s just impossible to avoiding catching a cold. In the Bay Area, we are exposed to international viruses on a daily basis and if you got kids, you’re exposed to their entire school as well. Here’s how you can tackle cold and flu season. Cold & Flu Prevention In this order, sleep, exercise, and […]

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Anti-aging: Fact or Fiction?

FACT: There a very specific and achievable way to achieve and maintain ideal health and even to slow the aging process. This is because the body is always breaking down and repairing tissues. The trick is to support the repair mechanisms and slow the breakdown mechanism. All chronic disease is “degenerative;” it’s just a matter […]

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