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Using Acupuncture to Thrive

Using Acupuncture to Thrive During Chemotherapy

Over the last ten years, it would’ve been much more likely for me to see a patient who had cancer in the past than to see a patient actively seeking to manage the side effects of treatment. Happily, that trend seems to be changing. Patients are taking a much more active role in their care […]

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herbs for cancer treatment

Top 5 Herbs For Cancer Prevention

In my practice, I don’t claim to treat cancer directly. Rather I attempt to help my patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments using acupuncture. If they are interested, and their Western doctors are amenable, I also provide my patients with liquid herbal extracts that both potentiate the chemotherapy treatments and reduce […]

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vitamin d

Vitamin D: Lifesaver- Part I

Vitamin D is important for a wide range of activities in the human body. Our bones need it to regulate calcium levels, our immune system relies on it to fight cancer, and vitamin D protects our hearts by limiting calcium buildup in the vessels. Despite the name, vitamin D is more hormone than a vitamin. […]

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