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Using Acupuncture to Thrive

Using Acupuncture to Thrive During Chemotherapy

Over the last ten years, it would’ve been much more likely for me to see a patient who had cancer in the past than to see a patient actively seeking to manage the side effects of treatment. Happily, that trend seems to be changing. Patients are taking a much more active role in their care […]

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stress & exhaustion cropped

Wired and Tired In Silicon Valley- CBD Oil and Ashwagandha to the Rescue!

Today, people live busy, stressful lives. Ironically, technology has only allowed us to work more, while push notifications constantly alert us to the latest crises. It’s no wonder we’re stressed out! Here in Silicon Valley, I often see business professionals who suffer from the ‘wired and tired’ scenario. I know this because after their first […]

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herbs for cancer treatment

Top 5 Herbs For Cancer Prevention

In my practice, I don’t claim to treat cancer directly. Rather I attempt to help my patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments using acupuncture. If they are interested, and their Western doctors are amenable, I also provide my patients with liquid herbal extracts that both potentiate the chemotherapy treatments and reduce […]

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