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Applying the Golden Rule

I was recently reading a book called The Moses Code as I have a strong interest in books on manifesting and in the idea of fulfilling one’s life purpose. Taken at face value, the book is just one of many in the genre of The Secret. But later on, the book presents a concept of […]

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Thankgiving Bliss

Quantum physics says that just observing an event can change its outcome. But what if you could change the outcome of an event before it even happened? You can. As we live in an attractive universe, you always get more of what you focus on. Think of the unhappy customer in the department store who […]

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Anti-aging: Fact or Fiction?

FACT: There a very specific and achievable way to achieve and maintain ideal health and even to slow the aging process. This is because the body is always breaking down and repairing tissues. The trick is to support the repair mechanisms and slow the breakdown mechanism. All chronic disease is “degenerative;” it’s just a matter […]

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Common Conditions

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