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Acupuncture: The Non-Drowsy Allergy Treatment

Acupuncture doesn’t work like you think. Meaning, it doesn’t instantly de-sensitize a person to allergens. Rather, it modifies the immune response over time. It took me five years of consistent treatment with acupuncture and herbs to get rid of my allergies, but I only had to treat them for a few months each year and […]

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CREDIT: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Coronavirus Prevention and Tips

Updated: 3/11/20, 12:21pm With the 2019 novel coronavirus nearing Pandemic status, health officials are rightly concerned. While the attempt to prevent or contain this virus has been a key objective of the WHO and CDC, this virus is only in its early stages of growth in the U.S. While vigilance is certainly warranted, I am […]

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