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Intro to Ted Ray, L.Ac.

This video is an Introduction to Ted Ray, L.Ac. LIcensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist. Owner of Peninsula Acupuncture in Mountain View, CA.


Top 5 Acupuncture Questions

Introduction to Acupuncture. Ted Ray, L.Ac., LIcensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist in Mountain View, CA answers the first of five common questions about acupuncture: “Does Acupuncture Hurt?”


Fall Immune System Tips

Quick tips on key supplements and lifestyle choices that will help you stay healthy this Fall & Winter.


The Secret of Pulse Diagnosis

Did you know what your pulse says about you? Watch this quick video see what an acupuncturist can find out about you in under a minute!


Tips for Allergy Season

Quick overview on TCM view of allergies and their causes, natural remedies to treat allergies, and foods to avoid during allergy season.

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