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2018 Rate Changes & New Maintenance Program

I’m excited to tell you about a few changes I’m making for 2018. First, I’ll be offering a new Maintenance Program to support patients who are looking to maintain their health and keep chronic issues at bay. Second, I am slightly increasing to my current rate to account for the extended amount of time I spend addressing complex issues.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my programs and rates for 2018:

Standard Program

  • Rate: $130/session (4% increase for 2018)
  • Part of a series of treatments to address 1-3 conditions
  • Up to 60-minute session
  • Herbal consults included
  • Customized treatments
  • Multiple modalities as needed including massage, gua sha, and cupping
  • Complex decision making

Maintenance Program

  • Rate: $110/session (15% savings on standard rate)
  • Ideal for maintaining health or addressing a single issue
  • Up to 45-minute session
  • For established patients only who have completed one of more courses of treatment
  • Recommended monthly treatments for best results; longer intervals may require standard rate
  • Recommended annual re-evaluation ($180)

Additional Rate Changes:

New Patients:

  • Rate: $230 (formerly $225)
  • 75-90 minutes.
  • Comprehensive evaluation & treatment
  • Pulse & tongue diagnosis if required
  • Report of findings
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Additional Recommendations: herbs, supplements, testing, referrals


  • Rate: $180 (new service)
  • Up to 75 minutes
  • Prioritize health objectives
  • Report of findings
  • Pulse & tongue diagnosis if required
  • Set up new treatment plan (Standard or Maintenance depending on objectives)

Discontinuing Prepayment Programs

To simplify my rate structure and unify discounts across all patients, I have created the new rate structure above. I have decided to discontinue selling packages at this time.


Please contact me here or call the office at 650-564-9002


Ted Ray, L.Ac.

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